Wow! People are reading my book

It’s great news that people are reading my book. How do I know this? Partly because I keep a close watch on which libraries hold the book. I also look at whether any copies are on issue, and have been delighted to see that lots are on issue throughout the country. So, word must be getting out there.

I see the book on the shelves when I go into a bookshop, but what I don’t know is how many people are actually buying it.

Another way I know that my book is being read is from feedback from people who have bought it.

I’ve discovered that someone will buy the book and then hand it on to another person, or sometimes two or three other people. Great! One of the reasons I opted for a print book, rather than an ebook, was that I thought readers might well want to lend their book to other people or pass it on. So, it seems I was right on that score.

When I wrote the book I had a lot of things I wanted to say about dementia and it was very, very important to me to get the book into readers’ hands. But there is a little sting in the tail—I have discovered that readership does not equal sales.

Although sales are ticking along nicely, it’s just as well I don’t define success purely in terms of sales.

3 thoughts on “Wow! People are reading my book

  1. Penny

    Well, Janet … without mentioning the title of your book in your post, nor a link where to buy it, you’re not helping yourself, might I say … it’s a book I’ve been considering buying but I can’t remember what it’s called, nor do I have your sales link anymore.

    1. janet Post author

      Penny, you are absolutely right–I forgot to mention the name of the book. How embarrassing! The name is What Are You Doing Here? Reflections on Dementia. It’s available in Whitcoulls and quite a few Paper Plus shops and I’ve seen it in some independent bookshops. Most shops shelve it in the Health section. It’s also available from my website–here’s the link to the purchase page:

  2. gailingram

    I’m loving your blog, Janet! Well-thought through and intelligent comments on all sorts of things 🙂


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